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Sheree McReynolds - Owner/Operator

Sheree McReynolds, Owner/Operator

   My name is Sheree McReynolds and I am the proud owner and operator of Tails R Wag'n Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Service. I have been in business in the Cary/Morrisville/Apex areas for 16 years.                                                                                                                 The most often question asked by my clients is, " what made you start a pet sitting business". I had two reasons for starting Tails R Wag'n. First, I have always loved animals and my dream was to one day work with them. My whole life I have had pets; dogs, cats, birds, fish, turtles, etc. I cannot remember a day without a pet.

    Second, several years ago, we had an emergency and had no choice but to kennel our dog, Yogi. He was very spoiled at home. He had his special place to eat, sleep, and play. During his stay at the kennel, he was under a great deal of stress. This was no fault of the kennel. My dog wanted to be home where he felt safe and comfortable. After a few days of being away from home,  Yogi became quite sick. It took weeks to get him feeling  back to normal. It was on that day, that I decided In-Home Pet Care was despirately needed in the Cary/Morrisville/ Apex area.

        At the time, I was working for the Wake County School System with Kindergarden children. Prior to that, I worked in a private pre- school. I love children but my dream was to work with the furry four legged ones.

  In 2000, I decided to go after my dream and start my own In-Home pet care business. I have never looked back. I LOVE what I do. I love that I can give my clients peace of mind when they vacation or travel on business. I also take great pleasure in knowing  my clients, who have long days at work, can be stress- free knowing their devoted dog is getting out for a nice walk during the day. My mid-day walks are very popular.

    I am very proud of what I do and ask that you give me the opportunity to show you that I am a loving, trusted, loyal pet care giver.

  I look forward to meeting you at your FREE in home consultation.