“I have been Sheree McReynolds' veterinarian for the past 10 years. She is a wonderful client who takes excellent care of her pets. Whatever ailments they may incur, fortunately for them Sheree is their pet owner. Her care for her own animals is a reflection of her pet sitting business. She takes pride in the care she provides for each and every pet she sits for. Clients can feel secure knowing that while they are away, their pets are in trusting hands. We will continue to recommend Sheree without reservation.” 


Evan Rosenoff DVM Noah's Ark Veterinary Hospital

"Since our relocation to Cary , NC in 2001, Sheree McReynolds has provided pet sitting services for us.  We travel many times a year and we have found that  Sheree has lived up to and gone beyond our expected  high standards and is more than  110% reliable every time we leave our house and pets with her. We have an extremely high confidence level in Sheree and we strongly recommend Sheree to anyone in need of her services". 

David Satter, Morrisville, NC

"I have had Sheree, with Tails R Wag'n, working for me for more than 10 years.  I had two older Standard Poodles who needed to be exercised, but pulled so hard on a leash that I wasn't able to control them myself.  Since having Sheree walk the dogs every day and with her ability to give medicines and injections to my older dogs, they were with us much longer than they would have without all of her tender loving care.  When we travel, we use Sheree to take care of the dogs in house by coming in 3 times a day to feed them, let them out and walk them on their daily routine.  After loosing those 2 older dogs, I adopted 2 rescue Standard Poodles and she has helped me get them adjusted to being here and on a leash.  We now consider Sheree as a member of our family and I wouldn't know what to do without her, nor would the dogs.  I would highly recommend Sheree for all your pet care needs". 


Ibbie Vauclain, Morrisville, N.C

 “We have used Tails R’ Wag’n for a number of years and have been very pleased with the level of service.    We have some “special needs” pets and Sheree goes above and beyond to see that they are well cared for when we are away.  Her pet care knowledge is invaluable.  She is easy to work with and is very accommodating to our hectic schedules.  Her commitment to her clients goes far beyond one’s expectations”.


Jon and Amy Sweat Cary N.C

 "We have known Sheree McReynolds for years.  It made perfect sense to us when she decided to start Tails R Wag'n.  We had no doubt that she would be wildly successful.  If she could take care of our pet the same way she looked after her own, I knew we would have no worries.  We have not been disappointed.  We have been clients since the company was founded.  When we travel, we are able to avoid the worries associated with boarding our cat in an unfamiliar environment.  Sheree will not only come into your home and perform the basics, but she will also go the extra mile to make sure your pet receives the attention it needs and deserves. "

Jim Cary N.C

 We've know Sheree since we've moved to Cary.
She not only takes care of dogs and cats; we have 2 Macaw Parrots which absolutely love her when she comes when we are out of town.
I'm so glad we have Sheree to take care of our girls.

Louise Paul